Mindful Tips for Holiday Eating


Welcome back friends!!

As we all know the holidays are right around the corner! I wanted to give out some tips to get you through the holiday season so that you don’t gain any weight and more so maintain.

Did you know that the average amount of calories consumed on Thanksgiving Day is around 3,000-5,000 calories? Neither did I until I did some research! Thanksgiving is the best time to spend time with family, reflect on things you are thankful for, and the best part enjoy DELICIOUS FOOD! While food typically is the highlight during the holiday season, it doesn’t have to overshadow your health goals. It’s so important to know which foods and behaviors to focus on, and which foods to enjoy in moderation. Let me be honest I am a firm believer of not depriving myself of a good piece of pie, but again MODERATION guys!

I want to help make your Thanksgiving day a bit healthier! It’s possible! Usually, our Thanksgiving plate includes dressing (stuffing for those of you up north), mashed potatoes, gravy, fried turkey, sweet potato pie, mac n cheese, and maybe even a couple glasses of wine (lets not forget most go back for seconds and thirds). The foods I just named are high in carbs, sugar, sodium and fat. So that means hardly any fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in this meal.


Here are a few tips to help make your Thanksgiving a bit healthier:

  1. Plan time to be active that day even if its taking a walk after dinner or playing a game of flag football in the yard. Kids have so much energy. Race them to the end of the street and back!

  2. Do not wait until Thanksgiving dinner to eat something, have a quick smoothie for breakfast this way you will not overindulge.

  3. Stay hydrated! WATER, WATER, WATER!

  4. Focus on your family and the ones you have not seen in a long time. The conversations will bless you!

  5. Plan ahead. Think about your long term health goals and why you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

  6. Ask about the menu and activities throughout the day and try and spot opportunities and be aware of any challenges you may face.

Let’s rethink your Thanksgiving plate:

Step 1: Fill half your plate with vegetables, such as green beans, collards, salad, and brussels sprouts.

Step 2: Fill one-quarter up with lean protein like turkey.

Step 3: Leave the remaining one-quarter for your other favorite sides like mac n cheese and dressing.

Before grabbing a second helping of food really listen to your body. Try your best to figure out if you are still hungry. Eat until you are almost full and put your fork down between bites this will help you not eat fast. If you do not want to experience a tummy ache, bloating, or a food coma take this advice!

If you must go for seconds go for veggies first and take the extra dressing and mac n cheese home and enjoy it the next day!

What about beverages and desserts?

This is a big one this is the part that I look forward to the most because the women in my family make the best cakes and pies. Let me not forget about my aunts banana pudding! WHEW!

You have to prioritize your calories! The beverages you consume can account for up to 25% of your calories on Thanksgiving. Bring an alternative dessert that’s healthy but just as good as the normal desserts your family has. Again it’s all about MODERATION!

Let’s reflect>>>

  • Think about your Thanksgiving last year. Is there anything you would like to change this year?

  • What are your Thanksgiving goals if you are on a health journey?

  • Do you feel comfortable discussing your goals with family and friends so they do not pressure you into eating more than what you have on your plate?

  • Go ahead and list two specific strategies you will use to continue your goals during Thanksgiving.

At the end of the day enjoy your Thanksgiving with family, don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect patty because none of us are. Just be mindful of how much and what you are consuming. Always go back to why you started on your health journey in the first place. You can do this!


Enjoy your holidays everyone!