5 Smart Strategies To Keep Your New Year Goals!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Making new goals each year can be such an exciting time. It’s an easy way to start the year off with a jolt of inspiration. You feel hopeful, you feel empowered. I have made a list of goals both personal and professional that I am ready to tackle this year.

The sad truth is making making goals is easy, but keeping them is an entirely different story.  Nearly 80% of goals you make never make it past January.  That’s so sad!  But with a little work ahead of time, we can beat the odds and actually keep those goals. Here are my 5 best tips to not be one of the 80% and actually KEEP your New Year Goals.

1- Schedule For Success

Whether you are trying to eat better or exercise more, you will need to make time to accomplish your goals.  The first step to success is to schedule time for your goal.  Buy a great planner and actually carve out time for what you need to do.  If you are a digital person, do it online but make sure you will actually check it. I like to write things down. What I learned in elementary is when you write something down you are able to retain the information better this way you won’t forget. You want to always make sure you have a plan to accomplish your goals.

If you are trying to eat healthy or cook at home more, schedule time on Sunday or whatever day of the week you have free because everyone has different off days. This way you can plan your meals and shop too. When you get home exhausted during the work week all you will have to do is cook and not play the “What are we going to eat game” and dinner will be ready on time. It can be very frustrating.

If you want to start exercising, decide what type you want to try and schedule it like a business appointment.  Be realistic about your time though and don’t try to do too much all at once.  Slowly build up to your goals, but commit 100% to what you schedule.

2- Tools for Success

Make sure you have the right tools for success. If you want to start running, buy a few running outfits and get some cute running shoes. If you want to eat healthier buy the proper cooking tools like steamers and non-stick pans. 

Whatever your goal is, make sure you have the tools for success.

3- Set realistic goals

Big goals like losing 30 pounds before you hit the beach in a month can be overwhelming, but smaller goals like losing 2-3 pounds a week are manageable. Set several smaller goals over time that will eventually get you where you want to be.  Always dream big, but still set yourself up for success.

4- Get an app

As much as I love my paper planner, technology can be very powerful, millenials loooveee technology.  Find an app on your phone to keep you engaged and motivated.  If your goal is to eat healthier, find an app to track what you are consuming. They even have apps that will help you grocery shop!


5- Always Reward Yourself

A little bribery works just as well on adults as kids.   Tell yourself you can pick out a new purse, outfit or gadget when you finally reach your goal. That just may be the extra motivation you need to keep your New Year Goal.  No shame in a reward system! It helps, trust me!

Again, make sure your goals are realistic and measurable! SMART goals are key! Slow and steady wins the race and your accomplished goal will not happen over night especially without a plan. So take some time to really sit down and write out a plan so that you can set yourself up for success. If you use any of these strategies let me know in the comments below!

I’m off to start working on a plan to make this happen for myself.  Have a great day everyone!!